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“Kristy Manning spent four and a half years from October 2003 - July 2008, not only leading the Los Angeles team in record revenue growth, but continually making contributions that helped grow the global business, including the development of new markets, enhanced customer service and customer satisfaction. Her job included the forming of strategic partnerships and helping to evolve the website to its current successful state.

She went above and beyond what was asked of her, and her
efforts can be seen in the results she delivered and the wonderful team that she left behind. Kristy is an intelligent, capable, dedicated and personable businesswoman. She is quick on her feet, enjoys difficult assignments, and is capable of handling any situation
with thoughtfulness and maturity.

Jan Ross, BBC Motion GalleryKristy worked with the entire global BBC Motion Gallery team at one time or another during her tenure, and we all valued her advice, collaboration and forthright approach to finding solutions to challenges, both large and small. She was a trusted and deeply valued colleague.

I feel confident that Kristy would make a valuable contribution to any organization.”

Jan Ross
Senior Vice President, BBC Motion Gallery

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